Supporting Small Business



Mandy here 👋😊⁠
I want to thank EVERYONE who has made a point to spend their hard-earned dollars with us and recently reach out with support. Though over the last week, I’ve personally watched multiple friends with food companies let go of ALL of their staff because of this shutdown and the devastation it has brought to their business. Just as everyone around us, we too have seen a solid decline in sales. While we totally get why this is all happening, it’s important to remember to keep your local economy strong. The food industry can often be forgotten about when we live in such a tech-driven city and world. But I’m here to tell you... all roads lead back to food. Food and agriculture are the backbone of the economy and your mind would be blown how expensive it is to run a company in this industry. ⁠
So PLEASE... in this time when we are all scared, don’t forget about all of us out there busting our ass to grow, produce and cook you and your family the things that keep us alive and make life a bit sweeter. 💕⁠
Here are some tips on how to keep supporting all these local companies while taking space:⁠
* Ordering on websites⁠
* Buying gift cards for later use⁠
* Ordering your food To Go⁠
* Ordering for delivery ⁠
* Continuing to purchase these products at grocery stores and cafes⁠
With all this said, please take care of yourself and practice smart social isolation. Let’s do our best to flatten the curve. ⁠
Love you all! Take care. Xoxo Mandy

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