What's your Favorite WB goodie?

What's your Favorite WB goodie?


I can’t tell you how often I’m asked this and it’s probably the hardest question you could ask me.

The truth is, I really love everything we make. Most of the items on the menu I created simply because, I wanted to eat them... (I’m not kidding 😄). Or because I wanted to figure out how to make them the WB way.

I always get stuck on this question because I could easily name every item in our arsenal. I created the Apple Cardamom Crumb cake out of my love for Cardamom and baked Apples. I created our Lemon Bar out of my obsession with Lemon and Lime. It’s so rare that citrus desserts are truly tart and I wanted to make sure we nailed that. Our Kitchen Sink cookie I made because who doesn’t love a cookie baked with Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Pecans then topped with Sea Salt. And our Olive Oil Oat Loaf, I spent two years perfecting simply so I could eat bread pudding! LOL

These items are often my “go-to’s” when I want a treat. But again these recipes are like my kids, I love them all… just for different reasons.

xox, Mandy

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