Hello 2020

Hello wonderful people! 
As we are nearing the end of the year, I want to personally thank every one of you for your consistent support of Wholesome Bakery. Our brick and mortar, where we produce everything we make is approaching its two-year mark and we wouldn't be here still, in the most competitive and expensive city in the country without you.⁠
I'm still the sole owner, meaning I get to do everything from plunging our toilets, to filling in for sick staff, to answering a million questions a day, to making sure we are growing so we can pay our bills. 2019 has been full of twists and turns and countless "learning experiences." So much that there were often times when I felt like I was going to crack and couldn't take anymore. Then one of you lovely people would approach me at the bakery and express how important what we do is to you. How grateful you are that you can "actually eat everything" and eat it with a clear conscious because we put so much thought into everything we source. These moments, interactions, emails, DM's and so on mean the absolute world to me. Truly. They give me the drive and strength to push through all the crazy bullshit that comes with running a business.⁠
So again, thank you. Thank you for being you and supporting us. ⁠
Looking forward to an amazing 2020. ⁠
Happy Holidays. Love you all.⁠
xox, Mandy💋⁠