"I Don't Know What I'm Doing"

We all constantly question ourselves and what we are capable of; are we good enough, how can we reach this goal that feels so unattainable.

I slowly started my company out of the kitchen of my apartment about 10 years ago. A question I often used to asked myself…why did it take me so long to get to this point?

Putting aside that I had a ton to learn, the last three or so years my company finally started to take off. I vastly expanded our wholesale. Began supplying product regularly to large companies like Google. Created custom packaging for national expansion. And now have a huge, beautiful bakery on one of the fast growing streets in SF, with a production that is increasing so fast we can barely keep up.

So what changed? What the hell was I doing those early years??

It took me a while to realize it, but I was doubting myself.

“I Don’t Know What I’m Doing,” or at least that’s what was on constant replay in my head. That because I didn’t have investors there was no way to grow. That because I didn’t have any partners I was alone. That because I’m a women I wasn’t take seriously and that because I didn’t have any business experience I was lost.

Then about 4 years ago something shifted in my head. I decide it was time to release anything and everything toxic in my life. Which opened me up to the realization that this narrative I’d been consumed in for years was total bullshit. That my fear of not knowing what I was doing was a lie, because… I WAS ALREADY DOING IT.

Looking back, from that moment on my world changed. Accepting that I was smart enough, strong enough and good enough I know propelled me to this point in my life.

We are all so hard on ourselves. Be patient and really look at all that you have achieved. I bet it’s more than you give yourself credit for.

xox, Mandy