Our Next Steps

Hi lovely supporters. Mandy reaching out again.🤟🤗⁠
Yesterday we closed our doors to focus on putting together a well thought out plan to move forward during this time. We now feel recharged and clear-minded as we will Reopen Our Doors Tomorrow. We aim to be open daily from 10am to 4pm serving a limited menu, with a limited team, only offering food and drinks To Go.⁠
With our staff, customers' and the general public's health being our number one priority, we are taking this situation seriously and requiring all staff to wear masks and food-grade gloves while both preparing and serving food and drinks.⁠ In these uncertain times, we want to do everything in our power to make everyone feel a bit safer.⁠
As it is starting to feel like the days of Mad Max, the outpour of our supporters and online orders have left me feeling so grateful and wowed. I'm humbled at the kindness and patience I have seen in people in recent days. I feel this disaster is starting to show a beautiful side of humanity that I hope continues and only brings us all closer. ⁠
A couple of days ago we added Care Packages with FREE delivery to our website. Myself and my team are blown away by how many orders we've already received for them and continue to come in. These orders we receive from you not only help us keep the doors open, but help prevent us from laying off staff. I absolutely love my team and I won't let us go down without a fight, that's for damn sure. And with your help, we are doing a great job so far steering clear of that. ⁠
We plan to expand our Care Packages by teaming up with a few other amazing local companies to offer more in this time of need.⁠ So stay tuned!⁠
Thank you so much again and we'll see you tomorrow.⁠
Take Care, xoxo Mandy ⁠💞⁠