You Are Not Alone

Hello, dear sweet people. 💘Mandy here. I know we're all going through a lot right now. I wanted to share what this experience has been like for me in hopes of reminding you that you are not alone in your feelings. ⁠

Obviously, we are all dealing with a lot of uncertainties right now which can be so overwhelming and anxiety-producing. ⁠

For myself, my comfort zone is problem-solving. So when SF went into lockdown, it didn't scare me or slow me down...or so I thought. ⁠

After a month without a day off, doing everything in my power to create a sense of normalcy and structure for everyone around me, my body shut down from not dealing with the reality of what our world has become. I was ignoring the fear and anxiety building inside until I no longer could. Just before my birthday, my body manifested those feelings into a massive week-long panic attack, that I haven't completely shaken, though I'm feeling 10x better. Since then I've been resetting my thoughts and focusing on the things that bring me joy and laughter. Like listening to music that makes me feel alive, dancing like a fool around my house, cooking, tending to my plants, sleeping well, watching only things that make me smile, being active in any way feasible and being appreciative of kindness and patience from people.⁠

If you're like me and feeling anything close to this, I want to encourage you to give yourself a mental break from social media and news. To focus on the good that still exists around us. All of the amazing people working so hard to push us through this time that we will get past.⁠

Whether this event has flipped your world upside-down or only minorly changed it, it's still very shocking to the system. So take care of yourself in any way that feels good. Give yourself a facial, take a long hot bath, watch your favorite movie on repeat, snuggle with your favorite person, animal or thing, talk to someone or meditate. And keep sending love to everyone around you. It's not only good for them, it's good for you. ⁠

Thank you to everyone for all your support of WB. Looking forward to seeing you in the bakery again.⁠

Stay Safe & Take Space - All my love⁠
xox, Mandy⁠