Ethical Vegan Ingredients

Just because it says “vegan” doesn’t mean it’s not harming animals or our environment.

In her twenty-plus years as a vegan, Mandy has come across a large number of vegan companies that aren’t truly doing their part to make sure the ingredients they are sourcing are vegan or ecologically friendly, which drives her crazy.

Companies that use white sugar generally use sugar that is processed with Bone Char, a product made from the bones of cattle. This ingredient is needed in white sugar production to achieve a clear white color. Many companies also use low quality ingredients such as Artificial Food Colorings, which are tested on animals in labs and made with carmine, otherwise known as crushed up bugs. The list goes on.

Just as important as understanding how food is produced - is being aware of the impact the ingredients you're purchasing and thus supporting. That the ingredients aren't harming ecological systems which in turn harm our environment just as much as the animals that inhabit them. 

Mandy has spent endless hours researching all the ingredients used at Wholesome Bakery. Mandy and the team are proud to say that they are an ethical vegan company with the highest of standards.

You will never find any processed, filler, or additives ingredients at Wholesome Bakery. Mandy prides herself on using real ingredients, fresh produce and products that help maintain a healthy environment. 

It's our mission to help the world through food and we will continue to do so with your support. xox