Everything We Make Is Gluten Free, Vegan, Soy Free, Refined Sugar Free with Organic & Sustainable Ingredients

Sustainable Ingredients

Mandy Harper and her staff are committed to sustainability and operating as a green business.  We are very proud to say that all of our ingredients are thoughtfully sourced and ethically produced. It is our mission to ensure that the ingredients we use have a low impact on the environment, ecological systems, and require little water to grow.  We understand that it is our responsibility as contributors with a carbon footprint that we do our part and very best to minimize our impact on the environment and help support other businesses who align with our ethics.

Here is a quick rundown regarding the products we are proud to use:

  • All of our Chocolate is organic and fair trade, working solely with fairly compensated, ethical, responsible farmers.
  • Our natural sweeteners are not only organic, they come from sustainable sources such as Coconut trees & Agave plants. Both have a low impact on the environment requiring very little water to grow.
  • We know Palm Fruit Oil has been ruining forests at an alarming rate. Though, Palm Fruit Oil has been used wildly all over the planet, mainly Latin America for generations as their main source of plant based fat providing many health benefits. We were extremely happy when we discovered Natural Habits, a company that is proving that Palm Fruit Oil can be grown for good. Only working with small local farmers in South America combining Indigenous farming practices with the technical know-how of professional agronomists - Understanding how important bio-diversity is. Natural Habits not only invests their dollars in quality farmers and products, they use their profits to help rebuild forests that have been destroyed by Industrial palm plantations. Paying a fair wage to farmers to produce a quality organic plant based fat, this company is doing an incredible job at helping the world. 
  • By avoiding wheat flour, soy based ingredients and corn by-products we are helping the planet reduce the production of mono crops which are destroying our soils and our food supply - increasing the rate of climate change.
  • We put a lot of thought into our carbon foot print and how to offset our output as much as possible. From the big impact of using high quality organic ingredients from local farmers to small the impact of streamlining our delivery route so we aren't releasing unnecessary emissions into our environment. We are working hard to always do our part.
  • Countless companies work with packaging producers from overseas. We our proud to be working with California based packaging companies who just like us, care about supporting our economy while supporting our environment.

It's our mission to help the world through food and we will continue to do so with your support. xox