W.S. - Unpackaged Loaves (per 2)

1.3 lb
Shelf Life: 2-3 Day / 2 Weeks Sealed in Fridge
Sold Per Two 8"x4" loaves / 8 slices each

Banana Chocolate Loaf: Nothing beats the mix of Banana and Chocolate and this loaf is no exception. Baked with organic fair-trade Guittard 74$ dark chocolate.

Coffee Cake: made with actual coffee, this delicious twist on a traditional Coffee Cake is the perfect mate with a morning cup of joe. 

Seasonal Loaf: Made just for the Season - Options include:

  • Pumpkin Chocolate Loaf (contains pumpkin seeds) > avail. Nov thru mid Jan only<
  • Strawberry Rose Loaf >avail. mid Jan thru Feb only<
  • Other seasonal options may be added

All loaves are nut-free

Unpackaged Banana Chocolate $4.50 Per Unit
Unpackage Coffee Cake $4.50 Per Unit
Unpackaged Seasonal Cake $4.50 Per Unit