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Holiday Pies


Holiday Pies are back through the end of the year. Choose from our three most beloved pies.

All pies are 8 inches, serving 8 to 10 people. 

Also available in house for purchase the week of Thanksgiving & Christmas.

*Pies can not be shipped 

  • Apple Rosette: Fresh sliced apples soaked and baked with cinnamon and spices then topped with an irresistible crumble and housemade caramel.

  • *Pecan Pie: Filled with a decadent gooey sweet filling made from dates and maple syrup, then topped with fresh raw pecans.

  • *Pumpkin Cheezecake:  A delicious blend of our housemade cheezecake and pure pumpkin with a cookie crust. Topped with raw pumpkin seeds.


Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas Day & the day after Christmas

*contains nuts