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Tiered Cakes
Tiered Cakes
Tiered Cakes
Tiered Cakes
Tiered Cakes
Tiered Cakes
Tiered Cakes
Tiered Cakes
Tiered Cakes
Tiered Cakes
Tiered Cakes

Tiered Cakes

For all Tiered Cake orders, we ask for a minimum of 2 weeks notice.

Tiered Cakes can not be Shipped or Delivered.

Cakes pictured are examples of custom cakes we have made. Not all are listed as options. If you'd like a something similar, please mention that in the customer notes section at checkout.
We do not offer writing or messages piped on our cakes


Cakes are subject to change based on ingredient availability.

  • Almond* - For all the almond lovers, delicious almond cake with vanilla whipped cream
  • Banana Cream - A kid favorite, with a hint of banana and natural vanilla
  • Black & White Cake - Rich dark chocolate cake with vanilla whipped cream topped and brownie bits
  • Caramel Cookie* - Vanilla cake with our housemade caramel and Kitchen Sink cookie pieces
  • Carrot Cake*~ - Made with fresh organic carrots and generously topped with walnuts and coconut
  • Chocolate Chip^^ - Vanilla cake baked with organic dark chocolate chips
  • Chocolate Strawberry - Rich dark chocolate cake with fresh organic strawberries or organic strawberry puree
  • Dulce de Leche^^ - Soaked and covered with our own housemade caramel
  • Lavender - One of our biggest sellers, this perfectly lavender is both baked with organic dried lavender as well as topped
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate* - Chocolate cake baked organic peanut butter then decorated with a organic peanut butter whipped cream
  • Strawberry^^ - Made and topped with our housemade organic strawberry compote
  • Turtle*~ - Dark chocolate cake with caramel, pecans and dark chocolate brownie bits
  • Vanilla^^ - Sweet and simple. This traditional vanilla cake with vanilla whipped cream

*Contains Nuts     ^^Contains Small Traces of Nuts     ~Nuts Can Be Omitted

All Tiered Cakes Have Four Layers of Cake Per Tier

Small Double Tiered Cake (6" & 8" cakes) - Feeds up to 30 ppl

Medium Double Tiered Cake (8" & 10 cakes) - Feeds up to up 55 ppl

Large Double Tiered Cake (10" & 12" cakes) - Feeds up to 90 ppl

Small Triple Tiered Cake (6", 8" & 10") - Feeds up to 60 ppl

Large Triple Tiered Cake (8", 10" & 12") - Feeds up to 110 ppl

Flowers: If you have specific flowers you would like added to the cake, you are more than welcome to drop them off and we will happily add them to the cake.

What to expect from our products: We are a natural bakery with a focus on quality of ingredients. We strive to satisfy your sweet cravings, not shock them. We use ZERO products that have been bleached or refined; and only natural sweeteners as opposed to standard sugar. -- For richer and sweeter items we suggest the Turtle or Dulce de Leche cakes. For more delicate, less sweet pallets we suggest Lavender or Almond cakes

All our products are made with Organic & Sustainable Ingredients.