Custom Tiered Cakes


We are offering Custom Tiered Cakes for a limited time with limited availability - first come first serve. 
Available: August 1st thru November 7th. 
We ask for a minimum of three weeks notice 
Cakes can not be shipped - Delivery is extra and based on availability 
Please click here to email us to place your order or reach out with questions. 
Cakes pictured are examples of custom cakes we have made. If you'd like something similar, please let us know.

  • Almond* - A delicious almond cake made with real almonds. This is the cake for all marzipan lovers.
  • Banana Cream - A kid favorite - a perfect blend of banana and natural vanilla
  • Carrot Cake*~ - Made with fresh carrots then layered with walnuts and coconut
  • Dulce de Leche^^ - Soaked and layered with our own housemade caramel
  • Lavender - One of our biggest sellers, this delicate lavender cake is baked with dried lavender
  • Strawberry^^ - Made and layered with our housemade strawberry compote
  • Turtle*~ - Dark chocolate cake layered with housemade caramel and pecans
  • Tuxedo - Dark chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream
  • Vanilla^^ - Sweet and simple - perfect for the traditionalists out there.

*Contains Nuts     ^^Small Traces of Nuts     ~Nuts Removeable
Cakes Sizes Available

Single Six Layer Cake (8”) - Feeds up to 56 ppl

Small Double Tiered, Three Layer Cake  (6" & 8" cakes) - Feeds up to 38 ppl (3 layers per tier)

Small Double Tiered, Six Layer Cake (6” & 8” cakes) Feeds up to 76 ppl (6 layers per tier)

Large Double Tiered, Three Layer Cake (10" & 12" cakes) - Feeds up to 94 ppl (3 layers per tier)

Large Double Tiered, Six Layer Cake (10” & 12” cakes) - Feeds up to 188 ppl (6 layers per tier)

Triple Tiered Cake, Three Layer Cake (6", 8" & 10") - Feeds up to 76 ppl (3 layers per tier)

What to expect from our products: We are a natural bakery with a focus on quality of ingredients. We strive to satisfy your sweet cravings, not shock them. We use ZERO products that have been bleached or refined; and only natural sweeteners as opposed to standard refined sugar. -- For richer and sweeter items we suggest the Turtle or Dulce de Leche cakes. For more delicate, less sweet palates we suggest Lavender or Almond cakes