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Women Owned & Operated

Our Mission:

To inspire and provide high quality, sustainably made, allergy friendly products that everyone can enjoy while servicing our environment, the small working farmer and ecological habitats.

Our products aren't just good for you, they're good for the planet.

"I'm GF and obsessed with the bread! The best I've had. Simply put, WOW! Also the crackers, granola, almond tea... I can't get enough."
Brittany P.
I get your cookie sandwiches at Berkeley Natural Grocery and they are SO AMAZING!!!! Wow."
Sarah R.
I love literally everything I've eaten from Wholesome bakery!
Melissa M.
"Literally EVERYTHING is my favorite, but I'm most particularly obsessed with the Fudge Brownies, Country Oat Loaf, Hand Pies, and the Apple Cardamom Cake! Those are my go-tos when I order online or pop into the bakery."
Nicolette A.
"I have a dietary restriction that prevents me from eating dairy, and to put it mildly, I absolutely LOVE all your products! I would compare them to any traditional baked goods out there. I eat the cookies on a regular basis."
Ryan M.
"Kitchen Sink Cookie Sandwiches all day! I've been following Wholesome Bakery since the beginning and I love everything that comes out of their kitchen."
Kelli S.

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