General Questions

Tell me about Wholesome Bakery

We're a bakery for everyone! Our goal isn't just to make products for the allergen free community, our goal is to make products that are so delicious that everyone wants to eat these! And in doing so you're supporting a lot of good for people and the planet.

And just a refresher JIC - EVERYTHING we make is - Gluten Free - Plant Based - Soy Free - Refined Sugar Free - Peanut Free - Artificial, Chemical, Additive & Preservative Free made with Organic & Sustainable Ingredients.

I'm new here, why should I try Wholesome?

Cuz we're the bomb! JK - Kinda. Honestly, because we actually give a shit. Because Mandy and the WB team put so much care and thought into what we make, how we make, what it's made with and how it gets to you the customer. We see the big picture and know that our choices can make a lasting impact on the both the environment, as well as farmers, producers and you!

Will I like what you make?

We sure hope so! But if you don't we got you. Mosey over to our contact us page and get in touch.

Who is your daddy and what does he do?

This is a natural product - So do I need to worry about it going bad?

Yes and no - while our goods won't last as long as all of those other products that can sit on the shelves for years! Yes, years! We use natural preserves like salt and coconut sugar that will help. But do keep in mind, just like any quality product, once it's open the freshness will start to lessen. Also given we use no dairy in our prodcuts spoilage is typically not an issue.

Shipping & Delivery

What are shipping costs?

$5 bucks flat rate or FREE with a purchase of $50 or more!

Do you ship world wide?

Not yet! But we haven't forgotten about our overseas friends and one day will be at your door.

I received a notice saying my order was delivered but I don't see it, what gives?

For reals?! What the heck? Sometimes the package gets marked as delivered when it hasn't actually been. Give it another 24 hours and if no luck, shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help you track it down.

My order was lost or damaged. What should I do?

The worst! Just email us a photo of your order and we'll take care of it! FYI, we'll only be able to offer this if a photo is sent.


What forms of payment do you accept?

All of them baby! Well, anything that's a major credit card - plus Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, Meta Pay, Amazon Pay.

How long do refunds take to process?

Once approved on our side, 3-5 business days BUT it can also depend on your bank.

Can I send Wholesome as a gift?

Fo Sho! Just add their info in the ship to section at checkout.

Is my payment info safe?

Absolutely! We use Shopify which is now the largest website platform so that means they gotta go the extra mile to make sure all the data they are getting is safe.

How do giftcards work?

Much like magnets, magic! JK. Just plop that gift card number in checkout where it says "Discount or Gift Card" and apply!


Where can I find nutritional info?

When you're checking out our product pages you are in the right spot! Just scroll down a bit and violá!

What kind of sweetener does Wholesome use?

Yesssss! We proudly ONLY use Organic Coconut Sugar and Organic Blue Agave.

Is Wholesome really gluten/dairy/egg free??

You can bet your sweet ass it is!

What do you mean no fillers or freaky stuff?

We use the real stuff! The stuff you can find in your grocery store and actually pronounce. None of that weird crap with 17 syllables.


I want reoccurring shipments, do you offer a subscription?

You better believe it! Click here to get this party started.

Are we best friends now?

Surprise! We've always been!